Pro Yoyo- Aresyoyo with Ball bearing axle

Yoyos have to be the most orginal fidgets yet! Super fun, super repetitive, super challenging tricks, and super good for hand-eye co ordination. 

Try our aluminium cast modern style Butterfly ball bearing Yoyos. A great yoyo for beginners and beyond. 

Learn tricks like -The sleeper, walk the dog, over the falls, around the world, and more!

Includes 60 mm diametre Aluminium die cast yoyo, instructions, and 10 x yoyo strings. 

Instructions on how to begin. 

To learn all things Yoyo, click on this link

1) Listen to this link on how to put a string on a yoyo.

Twist the end of the string to open a 'hole' in the string. wrap the hole over the Yoyo, twist and wrap the string 5 or 6 times around the axle of the yoyo if you are a beginner so it is easier for the string to 'bind' and grip the sides of the yoyo so it will return to you when you 'tug' at the string. 

Beginner tips

The more twists you make around the axle of the yoyo, the more 'responsive' the yoyo will be (like an old school 'fixed axle' yoyo where you tug it , and it returns to your hand), the less twists, the more the yoyo spins on the ball bearing in the axle- and you will need to learn 'binding' techniques to 'return' the yoyo up the string. 

Once you become a better yoyo user, reduce the amount of twists around the yoyo axle to make it spin easier- (its called 'sleeping') By this stage you will learn 'binding' tricks (see above links more ore about 'binding')

(Binding is a term used to bind the string to the inside edge of the yoyo, making it grip and climb up the string-)

 How to wind up your yoyo

Black with Blue streaks
Rainbow streaks

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