How do I apply for Individualised Funding and Support Service help?

"My child needs carer support", 'We need a diagnosis", "My child has special needs and I don't know where to start."

Starting the pathway to receiving the support your child or family needs can feel overwhelming, and complicated. "I know there are support services out there, but which one is for me?, and how do I find them?"

After recieving many queries from the community about what Individualised funding and support services are available, here are a List of Funders, Organisations and Support Services Sensory Sam is currently involved with, that can hopefully make your journey that much easier.

Individualised funding "Allows people with disabilities or their agents to make the decisions and control about their care back in the hands of the person or family who need it, and allows you to use your disability support funding in a way that is flexible and responsive to your needs."

So where do I start?

You first need to get in contact with an Organisation that can organise a Needs Assessment & Service Co-ordination (NASC) for example Taikura Trust. You can ask your Doctor to refer you to a NASC Organisation. Upon acceptance of your referral, they will issue your referral to a Host Individualised funding provider of your choosing, for example, Manawanui. 

The recommended Host funding provider will will likely depend our your support needs and region. 

 Here are a list of NASC and Individualised Funding Host Providers below- some do one or the other, or both. 

  Needs Assessment, Support Services (NASC) Contact 09 2786314

    Offer a range of in home care, care plans and hosting  individualised Funding.

    • ChCh based, teams in Nelson, Marlborough, Otago, Southland
    • Support for Serious Injury recovery, respite care
    • Assist with Individualised Funding 'host' services after Needs assessment & Service co-ordination (NASC) enquiry.
    • Enable and support goal setting to encourage increased choice and control to live better lives.   

      Individualised Funding Provider for people with Disabilities.

      Contact 0508 462427

      NZ Organisation Offering Support Programmes, Funding Grant, social membership groups and information relating to those with Cerebral Palsy. You must be a registered member.

      • Offers funded 'Get' Programmes, Mobility and transport, Physical activities, Small disability products, Counselling, Law (Assistance with Wills, Trusts etc)  
      • Offers E-Card funding for use of the above 'Get Programmes' and with Retailers registered to CPS Society, incl Sensory Sam. 
      • Offers Individual, Organisational and Academic Grants to members.   0800 503 603 ext 1

        Homecare Support Services for all ages Nationwide

        • Range of Homecare, Assist with IF disability host funding through its Funding Platform
        • Home Services include, Respite care, serious injury support, Dementia care, Palliative care, and post Op care
        • ACC Funding  'Living my Life' services- 1) Facilitated Pathway Map- Life goal setting 2)Tailored Support- Daily Support and engaging in activities 3) Independent Facilitation- Helping you access community support services.   0800 66 44 22

        Community Social Development Organisation supporting the immediate needs of people and families living with hardship

        • Disability Support Services for people who have disability IF funding, budgeting support and flexibility.
        • Homecare Services
        • Types of IF support include 1) Personal Care 2) Household Management 3) Respite Care
        • Handy link on how Individualised funding works
 ,   09 302 5390

        Disability Support Services for people 0 to 65 years, with Intellectual, Physical, Sensory or Neurological Disabilities, covering the Canterbury, and West Coast of NZ.

        • Assist with NASC Referrals ( Needs assessment & Service co-ordination)
        • Assist with IF disability host planning that contribute to positive life outcomes and goals.
        • Support services enhances users participation an inclusion within their communities and maintain wellbeing of their respective whanau. , 0800 866877
        A charity organisation providing social service response to transform the lives of children at significant risk as a consequence of their environment and their complex needs.

        • Based in Whangarei, Auckland, Gisborne, Rotorua, Christchurch
        • Family therapy service
        • Social services in Schools
        • Kidzacool Adventures- Support and respite for Whanau/Foster carers
        • Theraplay- Child and family therapy. 

        Offers a range of Grants to assist and improve the lives of children and young adults under age of 22 with physical disabilities, in Upper North Island region.

        • Must be Primary physical Disabilities in relation to a need
        • Have explored other funding options
        • Approved grants can cover, Equipment, Activity, Emergency, Wellbeing and Councilling, Hydrotherapy 0800 948 787