Keep Calm Kit


Feel like you need the whole kaboodle?

The Keep Calm Kit is a great bundle deal, to get multiple sensory products in one hit (and keep them all in one place). Great for classrooms, hospitals, travelling or households, there's even some space were you can add your own favourite calm toys. Includes:

  • Happy hands weighted lap pad
  • SHHH Muffs
  • Sensory body sock
  • Wooden fidget roller x 2
  • Metal Infinity cube
  • Fidget Marble
  • All contained in a Sensory Sam denim sack

Please specify in the order notes at checkout what colour cube, muffs, Lap pad and what colour/size body sock.

Black sock is sold out, please chose from pink or white in the medium, blue and pink in the small or green and blue in the large 

Shoulder huggers can be chosen instead instead of lappads

This is a great way to buy multiple products and save you money.