Physics Light Refracting Prism

Hey Science Geeks! 

Split the Suns rays, use a torch or the LED light in the box to unlock the magic of science!

This magical cube creates ever-evolving colours and shapes as it dances through the light spectrum.  The X within the translucent cube is coated in electromagnetically subtractive materials that first appear as cyan, magenta, or yellow. Twisting and turning the geometry creates new combinations, resulting in unique colours of refracted prism light.

Comes with jewelry box to guard your precious Gem, and a blue LED light inside to create colours and patterns in the dark. 

For best results in the dark, use a white satin wall to project prism light onto.

For best results in the day, a clear sunny day offers better projection than an overcast one.

How many colours and shapes can you create?


Dims 23 x 23 x23mm