Faulty Soothy Sloth 2Kg

These darn cute naughty  sloths!

We decided to make our sloths a little heavier, and as a result, this heavier batch sometimes leaks tiny beads (will stop after first couple of uses), or get tiny holes. Some of them will be fine its down to luck of the draw and how roughly they are handled. If you are handy with a needle and thread,  you can fix the problem if it arises then this is a bargain for you!

Note these are sold as potentially faulty so cannot be returned for this fault.

Our Weighty Maties are here to hang with you! Weighing in at 2kg they feel so good to hold like a little baby in your arms, minus the crying! Weighted mates can help soothe an overactive brain and promotes calmness.

They work similarly to our weighted blankets but is smaller and more portable, and even cuter - a perfect self-regulating aid that your kid can always have with them on the go!

 Safety: not suitable for children under 3 years old due to risk of SIDS.

Inspect regularly and dispose of product immediately if ripped

Wash by wiping with a damp soft cloth


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