A practical guide to making a counselling therapy room more sensory friendly

A practical guide to making a counselling therapy room more sensory friendly

Hospitals and Public Health Organisations are tuning into the need for a calm and sensory friendly environment for their patients.

Here's a practical list of our products that can make that transformative difference to your environment; whether it's a multi functioning shared space like a counselling or therapy room, or to a dedicated Breakout Sensory Room.

Comfort and furniture

Our Crash pads are a must in creating a comfortable environment- made of bits of memory foam, encased in a super durable washable outer cord and microsuede washable cover, inside inner cotton bag. Good to jump on or chill, propped up against the wall or corner for reading.relaxing and playing. dims 140cm x 180cm

Weighted Toys-  A must have in a calming room environment, at 2.2kgs, our weighted toys have an uncanny life-like feel of a cat or small dog, and are so adorable! Plenty to choose from, Fearless the weighted dragon, soothy sloth, weighty snake hugger, moony bunnies and more.

Zen Zone Blackout tent - 1 metre cubed sized  a great self regulation tool for children. This pitch black tent reduces sensory input and provides a safe, non stimulating space for children to calm down and refocus. Add a cute little window flap for safety visibility of the child. Throw in some lights or fibre optic light curtain if you want a more stimulating sensory experience. Or grab some ear muffs and block out the world.Great for screen visibility in the daylight hours , easy to put up and down and portable.

Weighted Blankets A real comforting aid for everyone, aids calm with deep pressure touch DPT - a great accompaniment to the crash pad, super robust durable, machine washable including inner and cover. With patterns colours and textures including bumpy fur, to soft minky. 

Weighted Lap Pads and Shoulder Huggers  If space and storage is a problem, Lap Pads are a great solution, with benefits of WB's- descreet and portable, easy machine washing, many patterns to choose from .

Arch Rocker - 3 to 14 year olds- Rocking is one of the most common stims to calm and self regulate, and its not just toddlers that enjoy a bit of rocking for comfort and calm, so we’ve designed this XL version that’s good for 1 through to 14 year kids, with maximum load at 75kgs.

Can be used as a seat too. Dims 110L x 60 w x 55 h
Sensory Pea Pod inflatable made with flocked vinyl ages 2- 12 max weight 45kgs 152 x 74 x 51 centimetres.comforting sensory input tool with the fun of a toy

Lighting and Environment

Our Bubble tubes are great for a low lighting sensory room, or functional consultation room- They are spellbinding mesmerising and calming editions, with LED light adjustments and faux fish and jelly fish that look like the real thing. Very cool product. Come it different sizes and can be fixed to the wall floor, or fixed surface.

LED Acrylic light wall- Again great for sensory or functional consulting room, another interactive and artistic feature piece to add to your wall. You can make beautiful patterns with the rods- and contributes to a calming Mise en Scene in the room.

LED fibre optic curtain and Zen Zone tent combo - As above interactive safe light source great if used in conjunction with a zen zone tent, or by itself, to hang or drape around furniture .

Interactive liquid tiles - 50cm x 50cm bright, happy and calming durable floor tiles with tactile and interactive dye safely hidden inside that interact when you step on them. Very cool and another great contribution to a fun calming sensory environment. No power required.

Fidget toys and Calming stimulation- and Storage solutions for them

Other than a book or device, a calming room will need an easily reachable set of fidget toys and resources for kids and adults to interact with- This is great for counselling rooms, where kids and adults can keep their hands busy as they are counselled or are in the room adjacent to the meeting. Here are some of our many Kits and Ketes, and sensory walls we offer as an example.

Sensory Sams senior fidget kit

Giant sensory Stress Balls

Bubbly ooze kit

Here are our other individual fidgets to look at

Fidget Kete Storage solutions

Ultra Sensory Kete

I thoroughly recommend these fidget storage solutions as they offer a bulk price deal and users are able to pack away loose fidget toys easily into a heavy duty storage box.

Sensory Wall - Classroom

Hang it lower for kids to access, or higher if adults want control over the toys- Clear presentable and accessable fidgets are ready to play with, and then tidied up off the floor- too easy. Again bulk price deal with sensory resources and pegboard.

 Complete Sensory Room package

A bulk price deal to kit out a room- it incorporates some of the above products mentioned. 

If you're wanting to transform your counselling or play therapy room, or looking to create a dedicated breakout sensory space, reach out to us at hello@sensorysam.co.nz and we'd be happy to provide you with further help and assistance.

One hot tip is to create a no obligation 'Wishlist' by using our 'Add to Quote' button to collect a 'wishlist' to have your interested products on file for the future, or use it as part of your 'pitch', then we can easily make a quote or invoice in the future should you need it.

All the best with making that enviromental change!


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