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Learn how to best access and utilize disability funding for your best assessment funding outcomes. Advocation Station provide online resources that are guaranteed to delivery funding so you can live your best life.


 Firstport is the first port of call for thousands of kiwi's seeking information and advice on disability in NZ

  • One stop infohub for all things disability
  • Self assessment tools
  • A great website with resources to begin your Support Service journey


Needs Assessment Service Coordination Association, are an independent body that assists and oversees other NASC entities in NZ. They are a great source of advice and information about NASC in your region, and may offer impartial advice should you feel your NASC assessment processes or outcome wasn't satisfactory or resolved.



 Trusted autism information and advice in New Zealand

  • Autism info for early childhood, Primary, Teenage and Adulthood
  • Helpful Info directed to Autistic people, Whanau, and professionals
  • Try their own information hub
  • 20 Palmerston Street Hamilton Phone 0800 273 463


 Awesome Private Facebook Autism support Group.You're not on your own! Reach out and share your whanaus triumphs and challenges with a caring NZ Autism community.


Provides services and support, education and information on autism

  • Advocacy & collaboration with other agencies
  • Educate about Autism, courses offering strategies, tools and info for the best outcomes. 
  • Inform people and public about autism news and research
  • 20 Sydney Street Petone Lower Hutt Phone 0800 288 476 Email


 Provide guidance and online educational resources to support gifted neuro diverse children in NZ

  • Mindplus online learning platform
  • Scholarships available 
  • Promoting a positive representation of Youth Neuro-diversity
  • Phone 00800 769 243 Email


Xabilities is dedicated to spreading awareness and education in communities for Neurodivergents and those who wish to create inclusion for them. They offer free events and individualised education programs that focus on neurodivergents and are created by neurodivergent lived experience. 

Supportive Neurodiverse Adult Social group network

Instagram Facebook Website