Sizing & Care

Sizing Chart

What weight blanket should I buy?

We recommend aiming for around 8-12% of your body weight, but this does not need to be exact! We have seen effective results from people using 5 -15% of their weight. This rule of thumb is designed to ensure you can safely lift and use the blanket. See table below

 Approx Weight Approx Age Blanket Size
small 14-30kg 3-6 2.2kg 91cm x 120cm
Med   30-45kg 6-12 4.5kg 120cm x 160cm
Large 45.75kg 12-Adult

6.8kg 150cmx200cm


 Queen      45-100kg         Teen-Adult                  9kg  203cmx221cm



  • Do not use on children under the age of 3
  • Ensure user can safely lift blanket
  • Adult supervision required
  • Do not microwave 

How to wash your weighted blanket or lap pad

Care Instructions

Are your blankets machine washable?
Yes, Sensory Sam weighted blankets are machine-washable.
We recommend separating the inner and the outer blanket and washing them separately on a gentle cycle.

Wash inner alone in washing machine, Be aware different washing machines have different weight restrictions. Hand washing in a bath tub is also an option if your machine can’t handle the weight. 

Please zip zipper of cover all the way up before washing and drying, as it could get dammaged or the teeth could damage other clothes

Wash the blankets at 30 C or less and always use gentle detergents.
DO NOT add fabric softeners (they will ruin the minky fabric).
DO NOT use bleach, dry cleaning materials, or iron weighted blankets.

Although our blankets are safe to tumble dry, we advise not to do that too frequently because it could cause the integrity of the fabrics to deteriorate. 

For best results dry flat in the shade.

Take good care of your weighted blanket no matter what material it is made from, and you will enjoy its soothing comfort for many years to come.