IF Funding Host Provider Contact List

Here are a list of NASC and Individualised Funding Host Providers

  Needs Assessment, Support Services (NASC) Contact info@taikura.org.nz. 09 2786314

    Offer a range of in home care, care plans and hosting  individualised Funding.

    • ChCh based, teams in Nelson, Marlborough, Otago, Southland
    • Support for Serious Injury recovery, respite care
    • Assist with Individualised Funding 'host' services after Needs assessment & Service co-ordination (NASC) enquiry.
    • Enable and support goal setting to encourage increased choice and control to live better lives.   
    Contact  https://www.florence2care.co.nz/contact-us

      Individualised Funding Provider for people with Disabilities.

      Contact info@manawanui.org.nz. 0508 462427

      NZ Organisation Offering Support Programmes, Funding Grant, social membership groups and information relating to those with Cerebral Palsy. You must be a registered member.

      • Offers funded 'Get' Programmes, Mobility and transport, Physical activities, Small disability products, Counselling, Law (Assistance with Wills, Trusts etc)  
      • Offers E-Card funding for use of the above 'Get Programmes' and with Retailers registered to CPS Society, incl Sensory Sam. 
      • Offers Individual, Organisational and Academic Grants to members.
      cpsociety@cpsociety.org.nz    0800 503 603 ext 1

        Homecare Support Services for all ages Nationwide

        • Range of Homecare, Assist with IF disability host funding through its Funding Platform
        • Home Services include, Respite care, serious injury support, Dementia care, Palliative care, and post Op care
        • ACC Funding  'Living my Life' services- 1) Facilitated Pathway Map- Life goal setting 2)Tailored Support- Daily Support and engaging in activities 3) Independent Facilitation- Helping you access community support services. 

        https://www.careoncall.nz/  0800 66 44 22

        Community Social Development Organisation supporting the immediate needs of people and families living with hardship

        • Disability Support Services for people who have disability IF funding, budgeting support and flexibility.
        • Homecare Services
        • Types of IF support include 1) Personal Care 2) Household Management 3) Respite Care
        • Handy link on how Individualised funding works

         lifewise@lifewise.org.nz ,   MichelleS@lifewise.org.nz    09 302 5390

        Disability Support Services for people 0 to 65 years, with Intellectual, Physical, Sensory or Neurological Disabilities, covering the Canterbury, and West Coast of NZ.

        • Assist with NASC Referrals (  Needs assessment & Service co-ordination)
        • Assist with IF disability host planning that contribute to positive life outcomes and goals.
        • Support services enhances users participation an inclusion within their communities and maintain wellbeing of their respective whanau.

        https://www.lifelinks.co.nz/ , community@lifelinks.co.nz 0800 866877
        A charity organisation providing social service response to transform the lives of children at significant risk as a consequence of their environment and their complex needs.

        • Based in Whangarei, Auckland, Gisborne, Rotorua, Christchurch
        • Family therapy service
        • Social services in Schools
        • Kidzacool Adventures- Support and respite for Whanau/Foster carers
        • Theraplay- Child and family therapy. 

        https://www.standforchildren.org.nz/   referrals@standforchildren.org.nz

        Offers a range of Grants to assist and improve the lives of children and young adults under age of 22 with physical disabilities, in Upper North Island region.

        • Must be Primary physical Disabilities in relation to a need
        • Have explored other funding options
        • Approved grants can cover, Equipment, Activity, Emergency, Wellbeing and Councilling, Hydrotherapy
        https://wilsonhometrust.org.nz//    info@wilsonhometrust.org.nz 0800 948 787