Disability Funding Product Approval Justifications

Further clarifications have been made by Whaikaha regarding Sensory and weighted products being included in Individualised Funding purchasing guidelines. 

"....the purchase of ...sensory items (such as fidget spinners), and weighted blankets are able to be funded from Carer Support, Individualised Funding Respite (IF Respite), Enhanced Individualised Funding and EGL Personal Budgets. These items can be purchased through Carer Support and IF Respite". (Whaikaha website, Published 24 April, 2024)

Here are the Justifications you may need to make to fulfill the criteria for purchasing these equipment via IF. 

1) The item will make your life better

Explain how the sensory item you intend to purchase will help you maintain or make life better and help meet your goals/targets or aspirations.

2) The Sensory Item you want to purchase is a disability support

A disability support is an additional cost beyond what is considered to be usual from an individual's income.  The use of this item may benefit by helping to reduce additional costs in the longer term.

3) The item is reasonable and cost effective.

The item needs to be clearly connected to the individual's disability. The cost is to be within market rates. Cost effectiveness relates to monetary value in relation to life benefits and outcomes (both short and long term).

(4) That the equipment is not subject to an exclusion

Individualised funding is not to be used for equipment that is funded by the government.

 IN short this means...

  • You need to have justification for the items that result in Enabling the disabled persons everyday tasks to be more independent and make life better.
  • These sensory items are cost effective (fair and competitive pricing) 
  • and that they may result in a reduction in ongoing costs related to those tasks and goals

 Here are some item justifications that might be handy for funding application approval for sensory products.

Justifications for Sensory items (Downloadable pdfs)

Calming sensory Swings Funding justifications.

Compression Sheets, Weighted Blanket, Lap Pad Shoulder Huggers, Vests Funding justifications.

Weighted Toys funding Justifications

Time management sensory resources Funding Justifications.

Chewing items for oral stimulation, and reducing harm funding Justifications.

Crash Pad, Rocking and balance board resources-self regulation & vestibular input funding justifications.

‘Kete’s' & Complete Sensory Room- Bulk discounted sensory resources kits- Funding Justifications.

Sensory Blackout tent & fibre optic lighting- funding Justifications

Sensory Fidget Toys and Kits- Funding Justifications

Calming aromatherapy resources-funding justifications