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Why is my blanket not evenly distributed?

Our blankets have been designed to distributed weight evenly. How ever If you find your blanket is bunching, it’s probably due to one of the inner ties coming untied. The inner part of the blanket should be attached to the outer part via 8 ties. Turn inside out, lay the blanket out flat and then re-tie the ties tightly. Some clumping of the glass beads may occur over time, just give it a flick, to even out like you would a feather duvet.

How long until I receive my blanket?

We currently have subsidised shipping across New Zealand. You can expect your blanket within 2-4 business days after placing your order.

My blanket is too hot.

Thats why we have made them cute on the inside too. Take off the cover and just use the cotton inner until the weather gets cooler.

What is the Sensory Sam Zen Zone Blackout Tent, and how can it benefit my child?
  • The Sensory Sam Zen Zone Blackout Tent is a portable resource designed to create a calming and sensory-friendly space for children. Find out how it can help reduce meltdowns and download our free Creating a Sensory-Friendly Safe Space Guide for tips on ways to set up your own safe space.
How can I create a sensory-friendly space for my child at holiday gatherings?
What are some helpful sensory resources I should take on holiday or abroad?

Your child will have their favourites…Lean towards portable and practical- Zen Zone tent, Senior Fidget kit bag, Lap Pad, favourite Weighted Toy a headtorch or small battery LED light.

How should I set up the Sensory Safe Space when away from home?
  • Set it up before you leave for holiday, or mimic your sensory space at home if you have one already- The more familiar your child is and catering the space to their taste, the more effective it’ll likely be.

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