Blog 3 of 3. The Final Step- Referral to a Support services host provider

Blog 3 of 3. The Final Step- Referral to a Support services host provider

You have a Needs assessment and approval, time to be referred to a Disability Support Provider Host (DSP)...What are they?

Disability Support service Host Providers are Organisations that are contracted to Whaikaha (Min of Disabled People) to provide and help you manage your support service needs (based on your package of care set by your NASC) and facilitate your individualised funding. Disability support services provide home Care and Services, Respite care, Support with employment, advocacy on your behalf, Life goal setting and assisting in control of Individualised funding self management.

They act as the enablers to the principles of Enabling Good Lives, as set by Whaikaha and will be your first point of contact for support and advocacy once you have been assigned to them.

How am I referred to a Support Host Provider? 

Depending on the NASC Organisation that approved you, they may assist in referring you to a support host provider most appropriate to your region, Needs or age, or you may need to reach out to these providers yourself. These host providers are super helpful and will assist and offer you their services, or point you in the direction of a provider thats most appropriate for your needs and location.

Click here to see our contact list of Host Providers available

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