How it works- Overview of Disability Funding Organisations

How it works- Overview of Disability Funding Organisations

Specialist Diagnosis- 

To Apply for Disability Support funding, a Specialists Diagnosis is required, and the diagnosis must include any or all intellectual, physical disabilities, and Autism & sensory disabilities to meet the funding criteria.

Needs Assessment Services

(EGL/NASC-Depending on your region)

Are organisations that  help facilitate, co ordinate your disability funding application, assess the clients needs, and approve your Support Funding package of care. 

 Disability Support Providers -(Host Providers)

Are organisations contracted to Whaikaha that provide services including homecare, respite care, employent support and Advocacy on your behalf and assist in your management of your individualised funding.

Whaikaha (Ministry of Disabled People) 

Are a government agency that supports the Disability Community by overseeing support services, leading a partnership between the disability community, Maori and Government. It is responsible for overseeing the system of Disability support in line with the principles and values of Enabling Good Lives approach.  


What Conditions do and don't get Disability Funding


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