How to get a Quote/Invoice or make a CPS Card Purchase from us


1) Simply browse our products for what you want on your list, then click 'ADD TO QUOTE OR CPS CARD PURCHASE' button below the 'ADD TO CART', found under each product. (This button below)

2)  click "Add to Quote or CPS Card Purchase" button again. Add the quantity you would like, and If the item has different colours you can select those too. 

3) click 'Continue Shop' to return to browsing products, and repeat the 'Add to' process above to add more products. 

4) Once you are finished collecting your quote list, or CPS Card order, you can either click 'View quote or CPS Card Purchase' button, or just click the Black widget on the right middle edge of the page labelled 'Quote or CPS Card Purchases' to take you to the final check out page.

5) Review your list and quantities and adjust where necessary. 

A) For those seeking Quotes/Invoices (eg Schools, or IF customers)

If requesting a quote, In the form ignore the fields relating to CPS orders, and fill in the remaining information, including Funding Provider, shipping address, ph number, plus any relevant information, then click the 'submit' button.

We will then email you the quote or invoice shortly.

B) For CPS Card Purchasers

If making a CPS Card purchase, in the form just choose any selection under 'Payment Arrangement'- As its not relevant to CPS orders.

DO fill in the 16 digit CPS card number, add your shipping address and ph number plus any relevant information, then click the 'submit' button.

Please allow $8 shipping or $13 rural delivery on your card balance. 

We will then process your card for you, and once processed we dispatch, EASY PEASY!

Or C) you can do the old way and email us at with the information below

We will need from you:

1)Your Funders Name (to head the quote/Invoice Accurately)

2) Client name or number (if applicable)

3) The Shipping Address and contact ph number- This is so if something goes wrong we can sort it out quickly (It can't be a POBox sorry)

4) Your wishlist of Sensory Goodies- (Please be specific to the size, patterns or variant of the item you want- some prices vary from pattern or size to size)

5) Whether you are going to purchase through the shop, or is your Funder going to purchase from us directly via bank deposit. (quotes only)

6) For CPS Card purchasers, your 16 Digit CPS Card number (CPS Card purchases only)

If paying via CPS Card-Remember to Allow for Shipping costs $8 Nationally, $13 Rural Delivery. We process your card for you, and once processed we dispatch, EASY PEASY!