The Disability Support Funding Infohub!


Learning and understanding how to navigate your way to receiving disability support is not easy!

Yes, there are helpful websites out there, but they are like finding a needle in a haystack. It's for this reason, Sensory Sam’s infohub was born-

A rough, easy to follow guide and overview of how Disability Support Funding works, what to expect, how to read between the lines, highlight best tips and potential pitfalls for the best possible outcome for yourself or your child.

I hope this tool helps you drop some of the barriers to recieving the Funding support you deserve. All the best! Adam Bazzard- Sensory Sam

1) How does it all work? Disability funding Organisations

2) EGL or NASC region? Which one are you?

3) The Journey to obtaining Disability Funding Support-

 4) Directory of Informational Website Links