play silk

Ten uses for play silks

There is no limits to what a play silk can be. 

I don’t know what we’d do without ours. They have been the consistently most-used “toy” in our house over the past several years. Their uses are endless, they move so beautifully  and we always have a basket of them handy. From the ocean floor to a forest , a child can use their imagine run wild. Below are ten uses that we have found for play silks.


  • Tied on as a cape.
  • Worn as butterfly wings.
  • Blue used to represent water in small world play.
  • Green forests for animals.
  • A blanket for dolly.
  • Wrap someone up like a burrito.
  • A picnic blanket.
  • Used as an island when the floor is lava!
  • Props for plays
  • A tent ot fort
  • Flags in the wind

Play silks arnt cheap but you can make then you self, and use a more cost effective fabric, but the richness and the movement that you get from silk make do make them truly special.Check out these ribbons from Sensory Sam if you want a cheaper option.



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