Update! IF Purchasing Guidelines now include Sensory toys and Weighted Products like blankets.

On 24th April, Whaikaha released Clarifications on 'Purchasing Rules for Flexible Funding' 

ii) the following items can be purchased for a disabled person to assist self management, on a one-off basis within a flexible funding allocation period:  

  1. Electronic tablet devices
  2. Noise cancelling headphones
  3. Sensory toys, fidget spinners etc
  4. Weighted blankets

Whaikaha recognises that every person and every situation is different. If you have specific questions about how these changes relate to you, please contact your Needs Assessment and Service Co-ordination service (NASC)/Host or Enabling Good Lives site in the first instance, this information has been shared with them.

So what does that mean? 

The above interpretation means items from Sensory Sam are more than likely to fall under the purchasing guidelines. Ask your host provider, or present them with an obligation free quote from us. 

Having a good reason ready for your product will help justify the item to your IF host provider. For example; Weighted Products- weighted toy, blanket/compression sheets- 

Enable more independent tasks for the person with disability by...

1) Eg Providing the person with disability to assist falling asleep without the carer having to assist settling to bed or getting up several times at night to settle the disabled person back to bed. 

2) Eg Due to settled sleep with Weighted Blankets etc, the person with disabilities requires less support costs due to calmer behaviour during the day, thus less carer support hours needed.

Another example; Zen Zone Blackout tent with fidget toys and sensory room calming environment with low key bubble tube lighting etc.  

Enable more independent tasks for the person with disability by...

1) Eg Person with disability is able to calm and self regulate after sensory overload in a sensory blackout tent independently without as much carer intervention. 

2) Eg Person with disability learns more self managing routines and strategies to self regulate when overwhelmed, reducing carer support hours.

The other key takeout from Interpreting the rules clarification are 'everybody's needs can be different' therefore

  • if you have justification for the items that result in Enabling the disabled persons everyday tasks to be more independent, 
  • and may result in a reduction in ongoing costs related to those tasks

then that item should fall in line with the purchase guidelines.

As this is a new clarification,  ask us if you are unsure about quotes for certain Sensory Sam items- we are happy to help, or if you can provide us feedback from your Host providers, we can help too!  hello@sensorysam.co.nz

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