FAQ Creating Sensory Safe Spaces

What is the Sensory Sam Zen Zone Blackout Tent, and how can it benefit my child during the holidays?
  • The Sensory Sam Zen Zone Blackout Tent is a portable resource designed to create a calming and sensory-friendly space for children. Find out how it can help reduce meltdowns and download our free Creating a Sensory-Friendly Safe Space Guide for tips on ways to set up your own safe space.
How can I create a sensory-friendly space for my child at holiday gatherings?
  • Educate family and friends about the importance of a sensory-friendly safe space and use our free Quiet Space Planning Guide for tips on Creating a Sensory-Friendly Safe Space these holidays.

What are some helpful sensory resources I should take on holiday or abroad?

  •  Your child will have their favourites…Lean towards portable and practical- Zen Zone tent, Senior Fidget kit bag, Lap Pad, favourite Weighted Toy a headtorch or small battery LED light.

How should I set up the Sensory Safe Space when away from home?

  • Set it up before you leave for holiday, or mimic your sensory space at home if you have one already- The more familiar your child is and catering the space to their taste, the more effective it’ll likely be.