The Gifting Tree

Here at Sensory Sam we love to give. Enter gifting tree. This woody wonder measures how many blankets left to sell before it’s time for a give away. Once the tree top reaches 50, we gift a weighted blanket to an establishment that will benefit. This is how it rolls.....

  1. We give,
  2. They receive
  3. We snap a smiling photo
  4. The tree resets back to zero
  5. And starts its climb to the top again

And round it goes like the tree of life! We post little stories on our facebook page about recipients so keep your eye out!

Do you know a deserving establishment that would benefit from a weighted blanket? We would love to hear from you at

1.Te Akonga Early Learning Centre
Our very first gifting of  a Mcblockface blanket went to this amazing community minded daycare, cause...well they asked. 
2. Mockingbird, Tauranga   

Our friends at Mockingbird are a non-profit organisation providing a safe and supportive social environment for neuro diverse children, youth and their families when traditional school doesnt cut the mustard. Look at this Brightspark having a chill!