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3-D Pin Art

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Unleash your imagination with 3D Art Pin Sculpture - Create infinite impressions and bring your ideas to life!

Behold the 3-D Pin Art! This masterpiece of a retro tactile fun sculpture is sure to leave anyone awestruck with its infinite impressions and moveable metal pins that allow you to create 3D images. This art piece lets you turn your imagination into reality by changing any idea or image into an unforgettable work of art in no time at all! Embrace the magic of creating masterpieces that come to life through this incredible experience of touch and sight. Hours of immersive fun as you mould your own unique creations using this exceptional sculpture - it's more than just a toy, but rather a vivid manifestation of artwork!

  • Experience the retro tactile fun of 3D Art Pin Sculpture with our moveable metal pins
  • Bring your favourite images to life in stunning 3D with our innovative pin art design
  • Enjoy hours of entertainment and relaxation while exploring the endless possibilities of 3D pin sculpture

Make your mark, shape or impression instantly with our 3D Art pin sculpture!

No plugs wires or batteries here,

just good ole retro tactile fun with an infinite amount of possible impressions to sculpt.

Press any object into the pins,-face, hands, toys- endless entertainment!


  • Dimensions 18cm x 14cm x 5 cm
  • Hundreds of moveable metal pins to create 3D images.
  • Recommended 6+ years