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Arcade Weighted Shoulder Huggers

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Experience the nostalgia of 80s arcades wherever you go with our portable weighted shoulder huggers - your calming lap pad on-the-go!

When you're feeling a bit out of sorts, sometimes all you need is a little extra weight on your shoulders. And that's where the Arcade Weighted Shoulder Huggers come in! These portable lap pads are perfect for those times when you need a calming influence - whether it's anxiety or just general restlessness. The weighted shoulder huggers offer superb pressure around your upper body while remaining incredibly comfortable thanks to their ergonomic design. Try them out and see how they can aid in keeping you relaxed and focused throughout the day!

  • With the iconic 80s arcade pattern, these weighted shoulder huggers are both stylish and functional
  • Portable and easy to carry around, these lap pads provide comfort wherever you go
  • The added weight of the shoulder huggers can help reduce anxiety and promote relaxation during stressful situations

More portable than a full blanket, these is great for chilling, travelling, classrooms and more. Perfectly shaped to rest gently on the shoulders to help achieve some calm

Great for unwinding, this baby can also double as a lap pad

Size: One size 1.8kg 57cm x 43cm ages 3 and up

May this product give you the gift of calm!