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My Space Bed Tent

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Introducing the clever and cute Sensory Sam My Space Bed Tent.

To kids its their own personal chillout ‘den’, to parents it’s the ultimate self-regulating safe zone their child can retreat to, when things get all too much.

Like a canopy to the heavens, the Space cadet themed sensory bed tents offers a great wind down before bedtime and a safe haven, reducing sensory input and environment to unwind, calm down, and refocus. Chuck a bunch of cushions in and chill.

The Sensory bed tent is also a saviour for siblings sharing a room,offering their own personal space, helping cut down that annoying bickering!

Please note this is not a complete sensory black out tent, if that is what you are after please checkout The Zen Zone

So how does it work?

If you have a single sized mattress, once erected, slide one end of the mattress into the tent opening right to the back wall.

If you have a king single mattress, its recommended you sit the tent on top of the mattress. This ensures you are able to fully zip up the bed tent fully. It can fit a king single mattress inside the tent, however you will not be able to fully zip it up.

Take your time when assembling and disassembling, the poles can split if taken down forceably, as they are built to provide flexibility to frame the tent. If the carbon Fibre rods do break, take care of the broken ends when disposing them, they can be sharp!