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Bite me bands

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Color — Multi 6 pack

Bite me bands are here to save your shirts and sleeves!

These super absorbent necklaces are designed to redirect from chewing and biting  clothing or other items. Unlike silicone chew necklaces, these cotton terry cloth bite bands soak up drool, keeping shirts dry even after extended periods of chewing.

Wear them around your neck or wrists for cuff chewers.

Multi 6 pack $59 or singles $19 NB: Yellow replaces green until restocked, so 2x yellow in each Multi 6 pack.

Machine washable and long-lasting durable design. Buy the rainbow set, or individually for those who want to try before they commit to the whole pack.

Ideal for oral-focused people who don't like the hardness of silicone chewies

-Supports challenges of ADHD, sensory processing disorder and autism

-Great for school or travel, chewing can help promote a little calm.


For moderate chewers

 Age 5+

Do not wear to bed

Velcro safety breakaway

Don't use without adult supervision