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Bluetooth Ear Bears

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Our Ear Bears will quickly become your kiddo's favourite pair of headphones!

Ear bears  were designed specifically with comfort in mind so that children with sensory challenges, or sensitive ears can block out the world and get into their own zone wherever they go!

No uncomfortable earbuds, no bulky hard headphones, just pair to your device and you're away.

Feels "like a soft hug for your ears" that comforts your child in loud, overwhelming environments and helps them better self-regulate 

WIRELESS- No more headaches with wires that get caught everywhere and tangled up. These Ear Bears connect with bluetooth in seconds for an effortless wireless connection, meaning more freedom for your sensory seeker to run, jump, and play! Battery last 6+ hours

PERFECT FOR TRAVEL- Auditory sensory input on the go for roadies and flights and the small size makes them easy to take with you wherever you go! Plus the 8 hour battery life ensures your Ear Bears last the whole time .

EASIER BEDTIME- Ultra-thin speakers make sleeping comfortable and helps build a bedtime routine...and the soft fabric doubles as a face mask to block out bright light

Washable head band (electronic part removable)

Age 6 up (suitable for younger children, the headband might be too big)