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Individual Sand Timers 1, 5, 10 or 30 mins- Your time management solution!

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When there's a change to a childs routine, timing is everything! And change we all know can often escalate to meltdowns...Costing you time and stress.

4 separate sand timers to choose from - 1, 5, 10 and 30 mins.

Let the Sand timer offer a solution with effective time management and sharing strategies for your child!

Pre warning is key to making a smooth routine change, and as sure as the sand empties to the bottom, it offers a beautiful and unbiased time limit to help adjust and deliver that change, or provide equal turns to a shared activity amongst siblings and friends.

With a Sand timer, your child has a constant reference, developing the instinct of the passing of time, and it's finality, offering an abstract deadline, and making your life easier, transitioning the change in routine.

From small and simple transitions, to more complicates executive functioning tasks requiring more time, each unique duration coloured sand timer is a tool 

So what are some Sand timer time management strategy examples?

1 Min timer: Duration for Brushing teeth, activity compliance in the classroom, mentally prepare before going outside, or getting out of bed, 'turns' in a game. 

5 Min timer: Time before its Mum and Dad's turn on the telly, time to get clothes on, time to leave for an appointment, time until dishes time, time left to play outside, time in the shower

10 Min timer: Time before going to school, time to read in class, time before recess, time before bed time, time to get dressed, time for your turn on the swing, 

30 Min timer: Time until TV is turned off, time for gaming, time for bedtime stories, time before dinner is cooked, time before lunchtime.

Supports the following areas of learning too:

• Maths - time
• Understanding the World - observation
• Communication & Language - reasoning
• Enabling Environment - practical resources

Size: 150 x 72mm dia. Single sand timer.

Age: Suitable from 3 years.