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Sensory Crash Pads

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Color — Turquoise

The best energy sapper!

Do your kids love crashing into you, deconstructing the couch and flipping upside down? 

Our Crash Pads provide a fun way and create more movement input and keep those deep pressure needs met.  They are designed to not look like ugly gym equipment so they blend into your home, classroom or therapy clinics.

Super soft cord on one side provides a tactile experience, with a strong microsuede back to give it strength. Best bit is that they come already filled! Great fun when used with a mini tramp.

Crash, roll, jump and crawl on this premium and durabile product. once you are knackered, use it to chill! Place it against a wall to turn into a giant seat, or lie on it like a big puffy mattress. Great for proprioceptive and vestibular input(moving around in different ways, balance and movement in space). 

In corderoy Turquoise, Grey or Black!


So whats it made of?

  • Stuffed fill of quality foam chip filling. Nice and soft and quiet, unlike normal bean bag filling.
  • INNER COTTON bag keeps the foam contained safely 
  • OUTER cord and microsuede COVER is removable and washable yay!
  • Handy handle, to drag this puppy from place to place


Use as a bean bag, a crash pad, or even large enough for a spare mattress for sleepovers. Great when used with a mini tramp.

Machine washable, zip up zipper before washing. Dry flat int the shade 



Includes  Cover, inner cotton bag that is pre filled with foam filling

Dimensions 140cm x 180cm

age 3 and up


This is not safety equipment, do not jump from dangerous height

Do not go underneath or put the crash pad on top of anyone, risk of smothering

Parental supervision


We recommend giving your Crash Bag a big shake up every now and then as the foam will become settled and flat.  

Cover can be cold machine washed, dry flat in shade, do not tumble dry