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Door bar for Sensory Space Swing

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The perfect solution for those who cant hang their swing from the ceiling.Grab a door bar and let the fun begin, and parents you can bang out some chin ups too!

Designed to fit into virtually any doorway. This length adjustable bar includes rubber ends, support brackets and mounting hardware for additional safety and security. 

Safety Warning :Please inspect bar is fixed securely and tightly before each use of swing, and routinely inspect that locking spacers and screws are securely fixed to doorway.
*Easy to use
*Adjustable Length: 65cm - 90cm
*Doorway mounting hardware
*Extra heavy duty chrome plated steel bar
*Maximum Weight Capacity: 100kg
Package include:
1 x Doorway  Bar
1 x Mounting hardware,
1 x Instructions"

Instructions for mounting door bar onto door frames

1 Start off by screwing in 2 x black spacers into the sides of the door frames, you'll need a phillips screwdriver to do this. They must be positioned at the same height so you can 'lock' the bar into place. (otherwise the bar risks slipping off and hurting someone if you dont use these spacers)
Make sure the 2 black spacers are high enough up the door frame, as this will be the height of the bar and what you'll hang the swing off. 

2) once the 2 black spacers are screwed into the frames, turn the bar ends in opposite directions anti clockwise to loosen and adjust length, and clockwise to tighten. Insert one end onto one of the black spacers, stretch the bar to the other side of the door frame to insert over the other black spacer. (This will prevent the bar from slipping) twist the bar at opposing directions clockwise. This will tighten the bar and prevent it from moving shorter or longer.