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Fearless the Weighted Dragon

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Nightmares get nervous, and bad feelings flee when Fearless the Dragon is around!

Introducing Fearless; your ultimate winged protector against those pesky nightmares! With his gentle weight and soothing touch, Fearless is more than just a cuddly toy - he's a guardian angel that will keep anxiety and bad dreams at bay. Made with top-quality materials, this plush dragon boasts intricate details that bring him to life every time you need him most. Whether you're looking for comfort during sleep or simply seeking an adorable companion to take on adventures, Fearless the Dragon has got your back!

  • Provides comfort and security to children struggling with anxiety and bad dreams
  • Calming effect, helping promote sounder sleep
  • Fearless the Weighted Dragon is here to save the day


Make Fearless your brave and loyal lap toy, with 2.5kgs and 70cm of animal-like cuddly love.

Fearless needs a buddy, will you be the one?