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Fibre Optic Curtain with Zen Zone Tent kit

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Combine fibre optic lights with a Zen Zone Blackout tent to make the ultimate zen zone!

This pitch black tent reduces sensory input and provides a safe, non stimulating space for children to calm down and refocus. Add a cute little window flap for safety visibility of the child. combined with fibre optic lights makes a multi-sensory stimulating sensory experience!

Fiber optics do not generate heat or electricity, so they are completely safe to touch.  They can twinkle, colour cycle and more. Bluetooth can control with your phone. Creates a soothing, interactive environment that supports calm, attention and focus.

Zen Zone Tent technicals

Size 100cm x100cm cube

210 oxford fabric, Black with silver coating, complete with floor

travel bag contains

1 xZen Zone, 12x pvc pipe, 8x pvc corner connectors

age 2 and up

 IMPORTANT: When dis-assembling its important to twist when pulling the first tube out of the corner piece, otherwise its really hard to pull out and could risk damaging the tent.

Fibre Optic Light Curtain technicals

  • 1. 1 pc 12W RGBW LED light source, CREE chip, twinkle white color wheel
  • 2. Fibre cable quantity: 120pcs 3*0.75mm fibre optic tails with PVC cover( the PVC sheathing is food grade)
  • 3. 2m fibre optic cable length.
  • AC Adaptor 12v CE, ROHS, C-tick CERTIFICATION

    4. 1 pc RF remote controller.


    6. the ends are heat sealed 

    7. 2 year warranty provided for our sensory fibre optic light.

    8. Curtain is 2 metres in length

    9. Bluetooth compatible Mysmart LED App Google play and  Apple Store


    When inserting the fibre optic connection into the box, remember to line up the screw with the indentation on the boxes sleeve and tighten using a screw driver.