Fidget Toy Kit- The NEW Upsized Senior

The King Kong of fidget kits "The Senior", has now gone full BEAST MODE, boosting the fidgets from 9 high quality fidgets to 13! 

 NB banana Bunch replaces fidget Marble until re stocked ;)

Now Including

  • Fidget Chain Roller replaces Bubble Pop
  • Thing on a String
  • DNA Ball
  • Rainbow Koosh Ball
  • Hypno Spinner
  • 6 x Stretchy stress strings
  • Metal Infinity cube
  • Rainbow Snap Pop Fidget
  • Rad hands roller
  • Rainbow fidget Puzzle ball
  • Mokuru Roller
  • Flippy Fidget
  • Fidget Marble
  • All contained in a Sensory Sam sack

    This is a great way to buy multiple products and save you money.


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