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Rad Hands Roller

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Color — Black


Our Rad hands roller is so unbelievably satisfying, you just need to feel it for yourself! The natural curling movement of your fingers makes this fidget device irresistable to the touch, and the smooth and weighty metallic rollers roll in an infinite spin, in yourpalms.

Rad hands roller is portable and perfectly silent, no clicks or bangs distracting others in class, keeping parents and teachers happy too!

You can fidget about with Rad hands rollers in many different ways, curling in your fingers or lightly squeezing your hand or rolling on your skin. Change direction by curling your fingers in reverse, engaging your entire hand in a continuous, effortless motion that promotes hand and finger dexterity, all while having fun.

Rad Hands Rollers are made from quality strong and sleek looking metal alloy.


Dimensions are 80mm x 45mm x 20 mm Weight 0.2 Kgs