Sensory Snake Tunnel

Be slinky like a snake with our sensory snake tunnel...

Crawl through the tube for some fab fun sensory and tactile input.

Push a ball through or play games, release your inner worm!

Made with high quality stretchy lycra fabric (4 way stretch) with straps at each end to hold open the tube. Great for kids who like deep pressure, hugs or swaddling. 

A great resource for OT's, schools, pre schools or home.

  • Can assist with co ordination, developmental delays, gross motor development, and low tone.
  • Encourages heavy work and joint proprioception through play.
  • Supports kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder or autism.

Machine wash- line dry

3.7 metres long, 30 cm diametre when open


Ages 2+

Adult supervision is required at all times.