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Steel Zen Drum 8 Key

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Color — Turquoise
No one sounds bad playing beautiful instrument!

8 Keys one octave.

Forget the noise pollution when your child starts a new instrument!

No need to reach for the ear muffs because even a beginner can make sweet dulcet tones emit from this beautiful robust drum

The Zen Drum is made from a mixture of steel and titanium alloy. It is a percussion instrument by nature and plays the most soothing and relaxing sounds. Because the drum plays the pentatonic scale, every key complements the other keys . You will never hear an off tone or bum note...bliss for the ears                                                      Let your child be present in the moment .Great for focus, creativity and calming for everyone in ear shot! This beautiful instrument helps motor skills and no musical sense or experience is necessary.  
Includes:Carry case, Song book, 2 Rubber Mallets, Mallet Stand, 4 Rubber Finger Tappers     size 16cm         Age 5 and up