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Stick with me Band

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Keep your little bolter right by your side with the STICK WITH ME Band.

The extra strong steel inner core running through the thick plastic coil gives piece of mind near busy streets, shopping malls, airport or parks. Parent wears one wrist band your child the other, giving freedom of movement and exploration, yet they are safely secured.

  • Doubly Safe: with a uniquely-designed 'double-velcro' system, It can only be taken off the toddler's wrist using two hands. Also a key for extra safety for those older kids who are smart enough to take it off.
  • Coil stretch of around 2 metres, for a little bit of freedom.
  • Strong metal joints with pivots for extra strength.
  •  No Tangle Design: Our unique 360 degree spinning connector ensures the cord stays tangle free.

 age 1-10 

Warning, although this can handle older/heavier children in strength, sometimes if they lurch, they might take you with them. Please test your strength if using with older children before venturing out.