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Texture Sensory Balls 10 Pack

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Feel the texture, 10 sensory balls in varied shapes, stored with finesse.

Each ball offers a unique tactile experience designed to engage the senses, while also promoting fine motor skills. With ten different shapes and textures included in each pack, this collection provides endless opportunities for exploration. Not only are these balls great for individual playtime, but they can be stored easily in their black calico Sensory Sam bag when not in use. Perfect for all ages and levels of dexterity, these squeezy balls are sure to provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment!

  • Enhance tactile sensory experience with Textured Fidget Squeezy Balls 10 Pack, featuring a variety of shapes and textures to explore
  • Keep your hands busy and relieve stress with these balls that offer a satisfying squeeze sensation
  • 10 wildly strange and squidgy shaped balls are a tactile sensational wonderland for the fingers and body.

  • Explore the craters in the cheezy pink planet ball, or the geodesic dome shaped panels of the navy blue, or the knubs of the Turquoise spikey ball.


Comes in a handy Black calico Sensory Sam bag for easy safe storage.