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The Zen Zone blackout tent

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Check out the Sensory Sam Zen Zone, a great self regulation tool for children. This pitch black tent reduces sensory input and provides a safe, non stimulating space for children to calm down and refocus. Add a cute little window flap for safety visibility of the child. Throw in some lights if you want a more stimulating sensory experience. Or grab some ear muffs and block out the world.

Great for  screen visibility in the daylight hours , easy to put up and down and portable. Perfect for classrooms, home and going away to unfamiliar environments.

Size 100cm x100cm cube

210 oxford fabric, Black with silver coating, complete with floor

travel bag contains

1 xZen Zone, 12x pvc pipe, 8x pvc corner connectors

age 2 and up

 IMPORTANT: When dis-assembling its important to twist when pulling the first tube out of the corner piece, otherwise its really hard to pull out and could risk damaging the tent.