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Tiny Timer- Time management tool

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Color — White

When there's a change to a childs routine, timing is everything!

Let tiny timer be the helpful tool to help making those routine changes timely.

  • Use countdowns to manage device screentime.
  • Help with Sharing strategies between friends, siblings or fellow students in class.
  • Storytime dragging on endlessly? Set time limits before bedtime.
  • Help your child develop a sense of the passing of time.
  • Encourage a smooth flowing morning routine for your child and avoid snowballing lateness! 

Let Tiny Timer offer you effective time management and sharing strategies for your child!

From small and simple transitions, to more complicated executive functioning tasks requiring more time- Tiny Timer's the tool for effective timer management. 

It has a handy magnet to stick to metal surfaces and fold out brace to prop it up.


Lime, Pink, Aqua, white

Size : 7 x 6cm

Requires 1x AAA battery- Battery not included