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Water bubble fish Tube LED and bracket- The Tower of power!

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Words don't come close to experiencing Sensory Sam's LED bubble tubes.

A LED Bubble tube is the pièce de résistance in Sensory rooms, Classrooms, or at home; this large 1.2m high bubble lamp exudes calming vibes with the captivating bubbles, light sequences and gentle sound. Dial up or down light intensity, speed or keep to your favourite colour. 

Comes with Fish only. Jellyfish and bead accessories are available to purchase separately and are compatible with the Tower of Power only.

Add playful jellyfish, fish or bead accessories to add another dimension in life-like serenity, as they dance amongst the bubbles, and glint on the kaleidoscope of 20 possible colour combinations you can change with a push of the remote. 

An essential tool (and night light) for relieving anxiety for people with 

SPD, Autism, ADHD -Neuro-typical and Diverse alike!

Create your 'safe space' as far as the bubbling glow reaches.

Just fill water, fix bracket to wall using jib anchor and screws supplied, add fishy accessories if you wish and apply top cap. Plug into electrical outlet to begin this endless audio visual delight!

To minimise cleaning over time, fill with filtered water (get a 20 litre from Mitre 10) 

Safety first: Make sure the bracket is securely fixed, and accessories out of reach as they may be choking hazards. 

Our bubble tubes run on 12volt adaptors, are ROHS and CE certified and NZ/AUD compliant. 

Sciencey Stuff

Light bubble tubes are a well known therapeutic tool used in the context of sensory integration therapy, most often in the version of a dark sensory room. Areas of work are visual stimulation, tactile stimulation, and relaxation.

Great for young children to watch as falling asleep. Also, makes for a great night light for kids afraid of the dark. Great for night stand or dresser top or floor mounted

Materials: extruded acrylic, power supply, batteries, LED module, controller, compressor, power cord, air spray, non-return valve, electric pump, high-density 3 mm thick fibreboard, oriented strand board with 12 mm thickness, metal securing bracket. Height: 120cm  Diameter 15cm  Weight:6.2 kg, water included 20kg.  Power supply: 12v AC; 240V, Rated current frequency: 50 Hz. Power: 50 W. Compressor power, l / h: 250.  Remote Controller for RGB switching, W: 3.

Dimensions 1.2m height, 12cm width tube, 17cm base.  

 Fits 11 litres