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Weighted Blanket and cover in Breezy silky soft Bamboo

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Weighted BlanketOur ultra silky soft cooling breezy Bamboo Weighted Blanket is perfect for those little sweaters!
Dream on with a custom designed sensory Sam Weighted Blanket! Sleep isn’t a luxury its a necessity. Enter Sensory Sam weighted blanket. It can make you fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

  • Ultra soft, silky, comfortable, and cooling. Just what your child needs for a full nights rest on those hot Summer nights or if your child is a bit of a 'sweater'.
  • Separate cover and inner making it easy to wash and dry
  • Longer than the average kids weighted blanket to stop those pesky toes poking out!
  • Breezy Bamboo beauty, find out more below...
  • Click here for the Size guide


Do not microwave. Risk of fire
Do not use under the age of three
Do not cover head with Lap pad