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Weighted Vest- SWAN

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A Fashionable hug!

 Our vest was created with your child’s needs and style in mind.

Designed to provide both comforting compression and soothing weight, this funky hooded vest is sure to help kids get the sensory input they need. Provides proprioceptive feedback to help calm and provide focus.

  • FEELS LIKE A SOOTHING HUG  Like a weighted blanket, the vest feels like a cozy hug, perfect for helping kids calm down and focus in stressful situations. -Try it at school or traveling when a blanket is inconvenient.
  • NO ONE WILL KNOW IT IS A WEIGHTED VEST Unlike others on the market that look a little weird, our vests look street cool and just like normal clothing.-Great for kids who don’t want to stand out.
  • COMPRESSION SIZING Please note that to do its thing, the vest is meant to be worn zipped up and should be a snug fit, though it should never be uncomfortable.-It may take your child a little while to get used to it.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE After trialing vests with removable weights, we discovered stitched-in weighted squares-(like a weighted blanket) to be by far the most comfortable and practical design, including being easily machine washable. Dry flat.


S    weight  1kg            ages  3-5

M   weight  1.5 kg        ages  6-7

L    weight   2kg           ages  8-10


not suitable for under 3