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Wobble Cushion

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Color — black

Like a balance ball for children, this innovative cushion improves posture and focus simultaneously!

Got yourself a wriggle worm who can't sit still, and uses their chair legs as a rocker? Give this simple solution a go!

This inflatable tactile wobble cushion is a great classroom tool.

When only slightly inflated, the cushions creates a slight instability in the sitting position on any standard chair thus allowing children to wriggle and fidget quietly.

Try standing on it for a unique sensory experience!
One side is textured and the other offers spikey acupressure; enhancing focus, coordination and strength, all while not driving others to distraction!


Size 32cm wide, 7 or so cm high when inflated.Material PVC

Comes inflated with a ball pump needle.

To deflate, insert needle into hole and air drains out. To inflate, use any standard bike/ball pump and needle (supplied) to inflate. 

NB: be careful not to pierce a hole in other side of cushion with needle if inflating!

Warning: Contains ball pump needle not suitable for children under 3 years of age.