The morning, It’s my favourite part of the day,  about to take a sip of my coffee, and the piercing wail begins.

No, its not an emergency;

although you would think it was.

It’s my son being told to put a sweatshirt on by his father. It’s freezing outside, but as usual, he is in shorts, and a T shirt that is back to front and inside out- he hates feeling warm. He wishes to stay this way, a meltdown is on the cards and we manage to negotiate a puffer jacket over a T shirt (The puffer fabric is cold to the touch) , and the shorts stay.

I’m not the only one fighting this morning clothing battle, but the sensitivities might involve different things. Tags are like sandpaper, seams like a cactus, socks are bumpy and lumpy, and shoes are like blocks of wood.

I’ve learned to roll with it and not fight it, because really, does it really matter if his T shirt’s back to front, when it’s the right way for him?

 Below are some tips that I have found useful.

1. Try to Understand the underlying sensory issues of clothing sensitivity and respect your child's sensitivities and choice to wear only certain articles of clothing.

2. Buy seamless and tagless clothing when available. Remove and cut out tags when you have no choice.

3. Look for clothing that uses super soft cotton and/or light fabrics.

4. Always buy multiples if you hit the jackpot and find something your child is comfortable with.

5. Check out your washing routine. Consider changing your laundry detergent.    Is the smell of the detergent be too strong for example? Would fabric softner help?

6. If an article of clothing does have seams, try ironing them flat. A lot of work I know, but better than the battle.

7. Avoid collars, cuffs, buttons, or elastics that make the clothing more restrictive.

8. Turn socks or underwear inside out if the seams are bothersome.

9. Buy clothing in a larger size so that it is looser on the body or compression clothing if they prefer something that clings closer to the body.

10. Look for underwear that doesn't have the elastic exposed and is seamless or at last has flat seams. Check out these beauties at Sensory Sam... lifesavers        

12. Don't force your child to wear something that they don't feel uncomfortable in. Trust me, it’s not worth it.

13. Give your child lots of time to get dressed, so being rushed doesn’t add to the drama.

14. Last but soooo not least,let your child pick their own clothing to wear.

Check out Sensory Sam for some sensory frendly clothing ideas




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