Why weighted blankets are awesome!

Why weighted blankets are awesome!

Free hugs! Weighted blankets work by providing input to our deep pressure touch receptors (DPT). DPT help the body chillax, like a giant cuddle for your kids. Weighted products offer calming pressure that can assist those with sensory processing, Autism spectrum, ADHD, insomnia, restless legs and anxiety.

 “Our weighted blanket has been a game changer. I purchased for my 3-year-old son who would be hopping out of bed several times. Since using his“magic blanket” he hasn't hopped out of bed and is generally asleep within 15 minutes. Happiness!

Janine, mum to Max aged 3

 What are the benefits of a weighted blanket?

Weighted blankets can benefit anyone but they’re especially useful for those who have trouble falling and staying asleep.

According to one study, the “deep touch pressure” offered by the blanket “gives subjects the feelings of safety, relaxation and comfort.”

 The blanket gently presses on the user, keeping them still and supported until morning. This soothing pressure reduces cortisol, the human body’s main stress hormone, and encourages production of serotonin, a hormone associated with feelings of happiness .

 A weighted blanket is typically sized to an individual, meaning it won’t necessarily replace your existing duvet. The blanket’s goal is to apply soft, even pressure to your body, which is more effective when it fits you snugly.

Weighted blankets also exist in sizes that match typical mattresses but they are not the original design, as the weight that is at the end and side of the blanket is wasted weight, so keep this in mind when purchasing.

 Though weighted blankets are usually one piece, others come apart, with an weighted inner layer (cotton padding and tiny glass beads) and a soft outer cover. Both components are washable, and a cover offers more flexibility when it comes to style and colour. The cover also dries more quickly than the all-in-one blanket. Check out these beauties from Sensory sam, cute on the inside and the out.

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