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Corinne Allan: Making a positive difference in the Neuro-diverse Community

“If you have a child with learning or behavioural difficulties, I’m here to tell you that your child is amazing, and so are you. You can overcome these challenges. “

Corinne Allen, Kapiti Neuro Therapy

 Corinne’s journey began much like every parent with a child on the spectrum, and for her it was three neuro diverse ‘superkids’ as she likes to describe them, each with their own unique personality, skills and challenges.

When they were younger, she struggled with their behaviour. Corinne would often find herself thinking ‘I’m a bad mother’. She’d never heard of Sensory Processing difficulties, Dyspraxia (fine motor and body skill challenges), Dysgraphia (writing challenges) and had no idea what her kids were going through, but had the desire to understand and connect with their experiences.

She was lucky to find support and educational resources, and over many years learnt about the complex challenges her children faced every day at school, trialling and testing various methods she’d learnt to help them succeed, academically and socially.

For Corinne, her experience had been transformative, and became a life goal to provide support for parents of children with complex behavioural and learning difficulties; from clinical diagnosis to helping her clients navigate NZ’s complex individualised funding, teaching how to ease and calm a child’s nervous system, to empowering parents with knowledge, and help them understand what it means to be Neuro-diverse.

She works with her clients at her practice at Kapiti Neuro Therapy, helping families by walking the same path that she took, calling upon her own experiences in learning to decode children’s behaviour and finding creative ways to make positive changes in their lives, via learning plans, sensory calming spaces, clinical diagnoses and a general understanding of sensory challenges.

Her favourite place to work with clients is In her dedicated Multi-Sensory Room, where she teaches Art therapy, Multi-Sensory Therapy and Movement therapy that has helped children to heal from trauma.


She describes creativity as her ‘secret sauce’ in helping children find their strength and their confidence and one and one Sensory integration therapy helping many children learn to self-regulate their emotions when overwhelmed at school and in social situations.

Corinne’s flat tack with her local clients in Kapiti, but she’s figured out a way to empower NZ families with an on line video course she has just launched, sharing her positive message to Neuro diverse families around NZ and abroad with “A Strengths-Based Approach to Sensory Integration” called Raising SENSEational Children, where she’s put much of her time and love into the programme..

Reach out to Corinne from Kapiti Neurotherapy if you want to know more about her online course or how she can help you with your Neuro Diverse journey.



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