Fun Sensory Activities for your Crash Pad!

Fun Sensory Activities for your Crash Pad!

Who's kid loves to take all the cushions off the sofa and jump into them, or love to repeatedly crash into you? 

If so, they sound like a good candidate for a sensory crash pad.

Children who actively seek out excessive sensory input are usually looking for a way to calm themselves. There are are a variety of activities your crash pad can be used for to help offer sensory input, burn off some energy and work on your child’s motor skills

    • Jumping into the crash pad while pretending youare a super hero
    • Throw a ball while your child jumps into the crash pad and tries to catch it
    • Standing stiff and falling into the crash pad backwards, Timber......
    • Jumping off a mini tramp onto the pad
    • Relaxing on crash pad and watching TV
    • Turning it into a giant reading chair by leaning it against the wall
    • headstands and rolling
    • Taking a nap
    • Pull and push it across the room
A dense crash pad provides a designated zone for crashing or jumping to satisfy any sensory seekers. It is also important to remember that what works well for one child may not benefit another. Always supervise and monitor their behavior and determine which activities calm them or over-stimulate them.
One benifit is they are very heavy. Grab the handle of it and have your child pull it over to the other side of the room. Heavy work is  a form of proprioceptive input, it helps calm and is a great way to strengthen muscles.


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