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Plywood Peg Board - 800x800mm

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Ply Pegboard + 5 BAGS

Sale ! Buy 2 get 50% off the 2nd!

Sick of your kids toys and sensory goodies all over the floor?

Check out this great storage solution!

Hang, stack, or store your sensory goodies with our stylie ply Pegboards. A simple system of pegs,holes and shelves, chunky and robust, it will leave other flimsy pegboards in the dust!

Or use in your hallway to hang Coats, Brollies, hats, Shoes. you name it!

Our stocky pegs are designed for weighted products. Customize the board as you need. 

Please note when putting the pegs in holes, please slowly wiggle with the grain of the wood

Already got your own Sensory Sam goodies? (all over the floor?) Put the capital T in tidy and choose the pegboard with 5 quality Sensory Sam bag option.

  • Crafted from 100% plywood
  • Includes 3 Shelves and 10 pegs
  • Includes screws for easy install
  • Suitable for indoor use only
  • 5 Sensory Sam Bags (if purchasing the +bags option)